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Monday, 31 October 2011


Today I'm going to explain where you can fairly easily farm twinkling titanite and demon titanite shards for upgrading your weapons and equipment. Both of these are pretty rare drops, so don't spend them carelessly earlier in the game as you might find a better set of armour you want to upgrade later on. Demon titanite usually only drops from titanite demons such as the one near the first smith near undead chapel, whilst twinkling titanite drops from those rare blue lizards you sometimes encounter crawling around.

Note: i know i mentioned this before but in case you didn't read that post - if you see a rare blue lizard but it vanishes before you can catch it you can go to exactly where you saw it, save and quit, then load again and it should have re-appeared for you to kill.

Anyway, onto the farming!

1. Twinkling titanite:
Great little material, used for upgrading most sets of advanced armour and all of the black knight gear. My favourite place to farm this material is just outside Seath the Scaleless's final boss battle room. It drops from the large clams in the room directly prior to fighting Seath for the last time, although it is a rare drop so expect to grind for a little while. Also - these clams don't give you many souls so don't expect to be levelling up quickly from them.
If you wear the golden serpetous ring it will increase the drop rate, and you can use the bonfire in the boss battle arena to respawn the clams each time. Beware they have a pretty annoying attack where they throw you into their mouth if you get too close and munch you up - deals a lot of damage but more importantly, deals HUGE amounts of damage to your durability on your equipped gear so be wary of that!!

Note: in case you missed them earlier there are 2 rare blue lizards in the crystal cave area near the clams. If you progress up the invisible crystal staircase, they are located in this rather large chunk of crystals about half-way down the cave in a small, narrow tunnel. As theres two of them one will probably escape so use the save and quit method i mentioned before.

2. demon titanite:
first donate 30 humanity to the chaos mistress to open the shortcut to Lost Izalith. Once you reach the shortcut (before the firesage boss battle) you'll get to a bridge with a titanite demon about halfway along. Luckily he's facing the other way so you can sneak up on him for extra damage or just get the first hit in. The great thing about this titanite demon is that he respawns, though this may seem a bit of an inconvenience for getting to the area boss later on, you CAN still run past him fairly easily.
Anyway, he drops 2 demon titanites each time and 5000 souls! so is definitely worth stopping off to kill. the demon titanite shards are great for upgrading weapons forged from unique souls such as the moonlight butterfly, or quelag's soul.

Hope that little guide helps some of you, and enjoy upgrading your gear to be ridiculously powerful!! :D

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