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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Blighttown secret areas and covenant - possible spoilers!

Sorry to keep posting 'possible spoilers' in my post titles, it's just i know a few of you reading aren't as far as Blighttown yet and definitely don't want to spoil anything for you as it's a great area. If you have already reached it or just don't mind about potential spoilers then continue reading...

Right, so when you enter Blighttown you want to get all the way down to the poison pit and go left. Make sure you either have purple blossom or the remedy sorcery to heal your poison as you'll need to run through the poison for quite a while to reach the secret area. The rusty iron ring found in the return to the undead asylum speeds up your travelling across treacherous areas like the poison pit too - so that may also be an option!

Go all the way (e.g. the complete opposite side of Quelag's domain) until you see a climbable tree trunk. Around this area is the server sword which grants you HP restoration each time you make a kill, a full set of the pyromancy class starting robes, and some souls etc. but beware there are some poison worms down here (they aren't too tough) and the mosquito type bugs will be pestering you all the while too - angry face! >:(

Progress up the tree trunk until you reach a circular room with a corpse in the middle, loot this for the plank shield (its terribad) and then hit the illusionary wall behind that chest. Continue along this path and strike another illusionary wall when you reach the dead end. You'll find a bonfire and a large hollow area where you will begin your descent down the inside of the giant tree. Theres lots of items in this area visible from other trunks, i can't provide exact details of all the items here and how to get to them as it's just something you kind of have to figure out for yourself, just try to be careful not to fall off (although it's not much of a big deal if you do as theres a bonfire right at the top anyway). However there is one ring i would definitely point out - its on the shining body of that corpse in the raised centre area about half way down the main trunk (difficult to describe!), you can reach it from jumping off the spiraling branch above it. The ring is great as it speeds up your stamina restoration rate - and we all know how important stamina is!! :D

Get all the way to the bottom of the trunk, working your way down, also note there are lots of RARE sparkling lizards in this area some in hard-to-reach places. If you can manage to get to where you first spotted them but they have already dissapeared then quit game (this saves and loads automatically where you were before) and they should have re-appeared - kill them for some nice forging materials including sparkling titanite.

When you reach the ash beach at the bottom there is a bonfire just on right as you come in, you kind of have to go back on yourself to get to it; and a hydra in the water on the left. You can just run past it, or fight it if you wish, it's no different to the other one i wrote the strategy for and if you get close enough he starts to expose his weaknesses again with the headslam technique. Theres a large broken tree trunk half way between the entrance and the ash beach leading away into the woods ahead. in here you will find a couple of weak enemies and see a shining corpse on the other side elevated above the mushrooms. To reach the corpse you must go out of the other entrance and follow the spiraling branch down a little way, but not so far you reach the beach again. If you keep your camera peering over the waterside-edge you'll see another bit of broken branch sticking out. Jump down onto this and continue through the tunnel which leads out right next to the corpse. Can't remember what is on it but i don't think it was bad loot so definitely worth adventuring for.

If you continue along the narrow ash beach path you'll get to the woods and then see the next upcoming covenant - you can't miss it! just be careful not to assume to attack anything in this area as you could mess up your application ;)
I won't say too much about the covenant as i want to leave the excitement to you but personally i think it's an incredible covenant!!!

That's all for today, I've got to go play the game myself now! Hope your all enjoying the blog and to remind you all - please 'follow' - you can do this easily if you already have a google account as it's linked to blogspot, or you can sign up for e-mail notifications :) would appreciate that, and also comment if you want to know anything more or make corrections!

Thanks a lot to Mike for all this info and showing me the way through the illusionary wall(s)! Cheers!

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